Visjonær Consulting & Communications: Untether Your Organization’s Potential and Soar!
Untether Your Organization’s Potential and Soar!
Every day you strive to make your organization the best it can be. You work hard, because you care about those your organization serves. Lasting achievement isn’t merely a goal—it’s your passion and your gift of service to the larger community.

You could use a hand. An outside perspective. A fresh look and new ideas. A seasoned counselor and advisor. Someone who’s been there before.

Visjonær provides services for land trusts, other nonprofit organizations, individuals and conservation philanthropists in the areas of communications, strategic planning, fundraising and grant writing, crafting impactful publications and videos, developing conservation partnerships, board and organizational development, and national land trust accreditation.

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Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success - new book

Coming in 2016 . . . my new book Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success. The goal of Explosive Marketing is to strengthen and inspire leaders of charitable organizations, to empower them to realize their amazing potential to do good. Stay tuned for ways to get your hands on the book! Click here for more information.

Untether your organization’s potential and soar!

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