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Mysteries of the Driftless premiere a rousing success!

Submitted Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 8:56 am by Timothy S. Jacobson
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The "Mysteries of the Driftless" documentary film premiere at the Weber Center for the Performing Arts in La Crosse, Wis. on September 16th was a smashing success. About 600 people attended the two showings that evening. All 400 seats were filled the first time (standing room only), with dozens and dozens of people having to be turned away.

The film was projected digitally in high-definition. The gorgeous visuals and crystal-clear sound were awesome.

A panel of experts from the film engaged in lively discussions with the audience after each showing. Also, thousands of dollars were raised to support efforts to save the landscape of the Driftless Area. DVDs are available for purchase from Mississippi Valley Conservancy for $15. We hope to have them in retail stores soon, as well.

[Filmmaker Dan Bertalan and Executive Producer Tim Jacobson introduce the documentary at the world premiere in La Crosse, Wis. on 9/16/2013]


If you have not yet seen the completed film, it is available in its entirety at . (However, the quality is much better on DVD.)

Additionally, the film has been accepted and will be shown at the Flyway Film Festival in Pepin, Wis. on Saturday, Oct. 19, and the Driftless Film Festival where it will be shown in Spring Green, Wis. on Sat., Nov. 9.

We are looking for additional screening opportunities and will be submitting to additional film festivals. If you have suggestions or connections, please let me know.

Tim Jacobson, Executive Producer - Mysteries of the Driftless

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