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Tim Jacobson of Visjonær Consulting giving a speech at Madison's Monona Terrace

Looking for an inspirational speech about environmental conservation, the work of nonprofit land trusts, or the ecology, geology and archaeology of the Driftless Region of the Upper Midwest? Or perhaps you need an experienced nonprofit leader to fire up your staff and board about achieving exponential growth?

Tim Jacobson, an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, best-selling novelist, internationally-recognized writer, and award-winning nonprofit leader, has been called on many times to fire up the crowd with inspirational speeches at conservation-related conferences, tourism summits, fundraising events, film festivals, etc. He has presented at the annual conferences of the Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee (UMRCC), Mississippi River Parkway Commission (a ten-state organization), Driftless Wisconsin Tourism Summit, Wisconsin Association of Land Conservation Employees (WALCE), the annual fundraising banquet of Valley Stewardship Network, Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association (WLWCA), the River Conference in the Quad Cities. and the Driftless Area Initiative. In addition, film festivals, schools, and organizations for science professionals frequently call on Jacobson to host screenings of his Emmy Award-winning documentary film Mysteries of the Driftless.

Topics include:

  • The Driftless Region: An Enchanted Land
  • Path to Nonprofit Achievement and Exponential Growth
  • Revealing the Mysteries of the Driftless
  • Private, Voluntary Conservation: Success of the Land Trust Model
    • Here's what people have to say about Visjonær’s Tim Jacobson and his exceptional speaking skills:

      "Tim has exceptional skills in communication. He writes and speaks very well, is very comfortable in front of a camera and microphone..."
      -Patrick Caffrey, Board President of Mississippi Valley Conservancy

      When the Wisconsin Chapter of the Society of American Foresters called on Jacobson to present his film, Mysteries of the Driftless, to their annual conference, here is what they had to say:

      "I talked with someone that was in the audience at the [Wisconsin] Wetlands conference. She told me the overview and background information you gave is what was most enjoyable when she viewed the movie."

      “Tim Jacobson possesses incredible energy, persistence, vision, and a 'get 'r done' attitude. He has done great work for the Mississippi Valley Conservancy and the Blufflands Alliance.”
      -Mark Ackelson, President Emeritus of Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

      "Your Q & A and just having you here in front of our large audience was great!"
      -Deborah Bishop, Oneota Film Festival

      "He evokes the big picture ideals of land protection and a land ethic, and at the same time has an exceptional grasp on the details involved in land protection and successfully operating a non-profit organization."
      -Patrick Caffrey, Board President of Mississippi Valley Conservancy

      Tim Jacobson is a Renaissance Man: Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, internationally-recognized writer, best-selling novelist, executive in both the for-profit and nonprofit realms, "Wisconsin Super Lawyer" who has practiced before the United States Supreme Court, black belt in karate, and Mission Pilot and Squadron Legal Officer in the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol). Also, he literally wrote the book on communications for charitable organizations: Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success.

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      Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success - new book

      Coming in 2014 . . . Tim Jacobson's new book Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success. The goal of Explosive Marketing is to strengthen and inspire leaders of charitable organizations, to empower them to realize their amazing potential to do good. Stay tuned for ways to get your hands on the book! Click here for more information.

      Untether your organization’s potential and soar!

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