Visjonær Consulting & Communications: Untether Your Organization’s Potential and Soar!
Untether Your Organization’s Potential and Soar!

Strategic Planning
How Visjonær Consulting Can Help You

Strategic Planning Facilitation: Visjonær Consulting provides visionary strategic planning guidance and facilitation. The process begins with a sizing-up of the individual characteristics of your organization: its stage in the organizational lifecycle; a preliminary identification of issues, hotspots and opportunities; and the level of assistance requested. This is not a cookie-cutter approach.

Visjonær Consulting can assist in the process of collecting stakeholder feedback through a variety of means, including surveys and focus groups, to gather perspective of the organization from the outside looking in.

Similarly, Visjonær Consulting with gather impressions from staff and board members. The relationship between staff and board, the governance model employed, and the level of parallelism in thinking can greatly impact the strategic planning process. Visjonær Consulting will not shy away from exploring festering organizational issues that may hamper the group’s realization of its mission.

A plan will be customized for individual nonprofit organizations based upon an assessment of planning needs and the level of assistance required by each client organization. Assessments may include a review of any existing strategic plan and annual work plans, review of organizational and committee structures, review of communications and marketing, and review of fundraising procedures and results. From there, Visjonær Consulting can offer services in designing stakeholder surveys, use of focus groups, strategic planning retreat facilitation, and assistance with drafting strategic plans.

Untether your organization’s potential and soar!

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