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News & Gossip about Visjonær Consulting

News & Gossip about Visjonær Consulting

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  • Jacobson, Executive Producer of Mysteries of the Driftless, Earns Emmy, La Crosse Tribune, Nov. 3, 2014
  • Film about Ice-Free Zone Earns Emmy, Eureka Journal (Russia), Nov. 3, 2014
  • Jacobson Gets Emmy Nomination as Executive Producer of Film About Driftless Region, Great River News, Sept. 24, 2014
  • Jacobson Appointed to Wisconsin Wetlands Association Board of Directors, Boscobel Dial, Sept. 21, 2014
  • New Economic Development Director Seeks Input, Boscobel Dial, Sept. 18, 2014
  • Locally Produced Documentary Up For Regional Emmy, La Crosse Tribune, Sept. 1, 2014
  • News Release - Film Jacobson Produced Being Considered for Emmy Award - Aug. 28, 2014
  • News Release - Jacobson appointed to Wisconsin Wetlands Association board - Aug. 2014
  • Boscobel Dial - Jacobson hired as Economic Development Director 8-14-2014
  • News Release - Jacobson hired as Boscobel Economic Development Director
  • Give Permanent Incentive for Donated Conservation Easements - Op-ed by Tim Jacobson in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald 7-13-2014
  • Protect the Land - Op-ed by Tim Jacobson in the Crawford County Independent 6-19-2014
  • Urges permanent incentive for conservation easements - Op-ed by Tim Jacobson in the Boscobel Dial 6-19-2014
  • Bipartisan bill would give conservation programs a big boost - Op-ed by Tim Jacobson in the La Crosse Tribune 6-17-2014
  • Board Matters Column in the Land Trust Alliance Saving Land magazine
  • Johansson-Oxfam Split - Celebrity Endorsements in The Nonprofit Times
  • A Billion Dollar Year - Policy Roundup, in the Land Trust Alliance Saving Land magazine
  • Jacobson's documentary film Mysteries of the Driftless featured at Oneota Film Festival - Boscobel Dial
  • Jacobson discusses nonprofits in leading business publication - Boscobel Dial
  • News Release - Jacobson quoted in national magazine about nonprofits and celebrity endorsements
  • News Release - World Premiere of Mysteries of the Driftless
  • News Release - Jacobson to be keynote speaker for VSN banquet.
  • Article - Jacobsons New Venture to Assist Nonprofits - Boscobel_Dial
  • Article - Jacobson launching consulting business - Boscobel Dial
  • MVC Executive Director Leaving Late June - WKBT
  • News Release - Jacobson Launching Consulting Business
  • News Release - Author Receives National & International Awards
  • Tim Jacobson’s Bio

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    Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success - new book

    Coming in 2016 . . . Tim Jacobson's new book Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success. The goal of Explosive Marketing is to strengthen and inspire leaders of charitable organizations, to empower them to realize their amazing potential to do good. Stay tuned for ways to get your hands on the book! Click here for more information about the book.

    What people are saying about Visjonær Consulting and Tim Jacobson

    “Tim Jacobson is a proven leader in land conservation with an exceptionally broad range of skills, from fundraising to land transactions to organizational management. He not only deftly advanced Mississippi Valley Conservancy's mission, but he also helped the land trust community as a whole grow and mature while on the board of Gathering Waters and as an integral partner in the Blufflands Alliance.”
    -Kris Larson, Executive Director of Minnesota Land Trust

    “Tim Jacobson has the hard won and irreplaceable experience of someone who has led an organization through change. His experience and his willingness to apply it with great passion have made him a leader in Wisconsin's land trust community.”
    -Mike Strigel, Executive Director of Gathering Waters Conservancy

    “Tim Jacobson possesses incredible energy, persistence, vision, and a 'get 'r done' attitude. He has done great work for the Mississippi Valley Conservancy and the Blufflands Alliance.”
    -Mark Ackelson, President Emeritus of Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

    “Tim Jacobson served as Executive Director of Mississippi Valley Conservancy for over seven years. MVC had many great accomplishments under his leadership. Tim successfully led MVC through the national land trust accreditation process. MVC’s organizational structure and stability also was greatly improved under Tim’s leadership. Tim also served on several Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committees during his tenure.

    Tim has exceptional skills in communication. He writes and speaks very well, is very comfortable in front of a camera and microphone, and developed great relations with local media in La Crosse and neighboring areas. It is my strong impression that MVC had better publicity in regional media than any other local non-profit organization while Tim was Executive Director, due primarily to Tim’s efforts and talent.

    He evokes the big picture ideals of land protection and a land ethic, and at the same time has an exceptional grasp on the details involved in land protection and successfully operating a non-profit organization.”
    -Patrick Caffrey, Board President of Mississippi Valley Conservancy

    In such a short time you've become a true leader in the conservation community. I appreciate your leadership and your smarts. Thanks for your able stewardship of our opportunities for the future.”

    -Kim Wright, Executive Director of Midwest Environmental Advocates

    La Crosse Tribune“Thanks for all of the good work that you and your group do for our community, Tim.”
    -Rusty Cunningham, Publisher of the La Crosse Tribune

    “It is always a pleasure meeting with you.... I have a lot of admiration for the work you do. I am equally excited about the possibilities [here] and hope we will work together on many projects.”
    -Jason Gilman, AICP, former Land Use and Development Director for City of Onalaska, currently Planning and Environmental Services Director, Winona County, MN

    “What you have personally done for the future of the 7 Rivers Region is incredible. Your passion and determination to protect Gods gift to us is respected by more people than you realize. Trust me I hear it from various DNR, conservancy and other environmental groups that hold their meetings here – your name is known by many.”
    -Tami Woods, Radisson Hotel La Crosse

    Tim being interviewed on 5/28/2013 about our Babson project along the Kickapoo River.“And congratulations for being named “Land Trust of the Year” for WI. That’s an incredible honor, and well deserved for all of your great work.”
    -Renee Kivikko, Director of Education, Land Trust Alliance

    “That is great news! Gathering Waters Conservancy , the City of La Crosse, the State of Wisconsin and the MVC all understand that the time is now to protect some of the last great lands in the State for future generations… Congratulations to MVC [for being named Land Trust of the Year]!”
    -Mark Johnsrud, former Mayor of the City of La Crosse

    “Thanks for the note, Tim – and for your solid leadership, steely focus and passion for the cause. Your good work has taken Mississippi Valley Conservancy to places it has never been – literally and figuratively.”
    -Cary Heyer, APR, former Director of University Relations, Univ. of Wisconsin-La Crosse

    “Tim, congratulations to you & the MVC on being recognized as Wisconsin's "Land Trust of the Year" by Gathering Waters. From where I sit, this award is much-deserved. You folks have really stepped up in the last few years and achieved some remarkable results. We really enjoy our working partnership and deeply appreciate all you are doing to preserve the wonderful natural resources of the Mississippi Valley.”
    -Scott Humrickhouse, Retired Director West Central Region, Wisconsin DNR

    “Congratulations are in order for GWC board member and Mississippi Valley Conservancy executive director Tim Jacobson and his staff and board…. Tim and his team are doing great work and it's wonderful to see them continuing to set a high standard for Wisconsin.”
    -Mike Strigel, Executive Director of Gathering Waters Conservancy

    “One of the most impressive parts of this story, and previous ones, is how often MVC is serving as a leader/model for other efforts. This speaks well for the quality of your leadership, and that of our staff members.”
    -Ed Hill, retired member of MVC Board of Directors

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