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Untether Your Organization’s Potential and Soar!

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How Visjonær Consulting Can Help You

Workshops and Seminars by Visjonær Consulting

Visjonær can provide training anywhere in the country for your team, whether for your board of directors, your staff, or both.

Topics include:

  • Putting the FUN in FUNdraising (major donor cultivation and solicitation training)
  • Sizzling Social Media Marketing
  • Impactful Use of Video to Market Your Nonprofit
  • How to Use Smartphone Video to Create Compelling Messages
  • Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits.
    • As Stephen R. Covey explained in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it is important to take time to sharpen the saw. Keep your organization functioning at peak condition. Contact Visjonær today to arrange a workshop for your group!

      Here's what nonprofit leaders have to say about Visjonær’s Tim Jacobson and his skills leading workshops and communicating ideas:

      "Tim immediately ’got’ what I had in mind when I first approached him about a workshop for our field communication staffers, and quickly and effectively created a presentation tailored to the specific needs of our group. The examples he used were both relevant and engaging, and generated a robust discussion that contributed to a stimulating learning environment. I would definitely use him again!"

      -Pamela Bailey, Storytelling Strategist and Public Relations for NeighborWorks America, Washington, D.C.

      Visjonær provided "very informative and enjoyable [fundraising] training. . . The level of interaction and excitement in the room felt so good."

      -Tracy Hames, Executive Director of Wisconsin Wetlands Association

      "Tim has exceptional skills in communication. He writes and speaks very well, is very comfortable in front of a camera and microphone..."

      -Patrick Caffrey, Board President of Mississippi Valley Conservancy

      "Tim Jacobson is a proven leader in land conservation with an exceptionally broad range of skills, from fundraising to land transactions to organizational management. He not only deftly advanced Mississippi Valley Conservancy's mission, but he also helped the land trust community as a whole grow and mature while on the board of Gathering Waters and as an integral partner in the Blufflands Alliance."

      -Kris Larson, Executive Director of Minnesota Land Trust

      Get training for your organization directly from the Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, award-winning writer, and best-selling novelist Tim Jacobson. He literally wrote the book on communications for charitable organizations: Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success.

      Contact Visjonær today for a free consultation about workshops and seminars we can provide! Call 608-386-2563 or e-mail info {at} visjonaer {dot} com and make your organization more productive.

      Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success - new book

      Coming in 2014 . . . Tim Jacobson's new book Explosive Marketing for Nonprofits: Trajectory for Success. The goal of Explosive Marketing is to strengthen and inspire leaders of charitable organizations, to empower them to realize their amazing potential to do good. Stay tuned for ways to get your hands on the book! Click here for more information.

      Untether your organization’s potential and soar!

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